Foodie Favorites #1- Mom Fitness Diary

Hi Everyone,

So, I’m planning on setting up a new weekly post on the blog of my favorite food bloggers at the minute -believe me I have a lot!

I find so much inspiration from reading through food bloggers posts and a quick scroll through their Instagram or Facebook and its enough to make you hungry!


First up on my favorite food bloggers is definitely the first who ignited my interest in healthy eating – Mom Fitness Diary


Ursula’s story started after she gained some weight after the birth of her two children who are close in age. She set up her blog as a way to share healthy meal ideas, healthy treats for all the family and share her tips to promote healthy eating and make it attainable for everyone!


I started following Ursuala on her Snapchat which is “momfitnessdiary”, here she posts daily of her breakfast, lunch,dinner and snack ideas as well as fitness posts.Β Ursula educates people on what they’re eating and encourages others to always make the healthy choice.


Ursula recently changed to vegetarian so her recent posts are meat free but all tasty and easy to create and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. She is also encouraging everyone to do a sugar free November, encouraging people to give up refined sugars to benefit their health.

You can follow Ursula and her posts here-





So, thats my first Foodie Favorite blogger, hope you enjoy reading through her posts and get inspired to start eating healthier!

Until Next Time,

FoolProof Foodie

Pic Creds -Mom Fitness Diary Facebook

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