5 minute Fried Rice


Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well. So i’m back with another “Meatless Monday” recipe. This is one of the easiest recipes and perfect from when you come home late from college/work.

What you’ll need (Serves 2 People)

Rice of choice

2 eggs

Veg of choice (peppers spring onion etc.)


Clove of garlic


What to do

  1. Heat your rice of choice be it brown/white/instant/ etc. I think with fried rice, letting your rice cool down or using leftover rice is ideal and adds to the flavor.

2. Start heating up a pan and add in your garlic and chopped pepper/spring onion.

3. Beat the eggs and add salt, pepper and spices and add into the pan.

4. Mix the eggs and pepper together once cooked in the pan and add in the rice, mix well to ensure an even distribution.

5. Ensure its all cooked and serve into a bowl. Simple as that!



If you recreate this send on your pics at #foolprooffoodie πŸ™‚


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