Shakshuka Recipe

Hi Everyone,

So, i’m back again today with another breakfast/brunch recipe, this time its eggs in purgatory or as it is also know shakshuka to some! This recipe is so cheap and easy to make and super filling for the day ahead!

What you’ll need

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

2 eggs

Oil of choice

Clove of garlic

Veg of choice (Spinach, Red Peppers etc.

Chili/Chili Flakes

What to do

1. Heat a frying pan with oil, add in the mashed garlic clove, peppers and chili.

2. Add in the tin of chopped tomatoes add in seasoning of choice.

3. After that has cooked, lower the heat, make a little well in the tomatoes and drop in the eggs add in spinach on top.

4. Pop a lid on top and let the eggs cook on a low heat until eggs are cooked at desired rate. Β screenshot_2016-12-12-11-36-25-1-1


Don’t forget it you recreate this recipe send it to me at #FoolproofFoodie πŸ™‚


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